World March Manifesto

Ten years after the first world March for Peace and nonviolence, the reasons that motivated it, far from being reduced, have been strengthened. Vivimos en un mundo en el que crece el unilateralismo autoritario, al tiempo que se degrada el papel fundacional de las Naciones Unidas en la resolución de conflictos internacionales. A world that bleeds in dozens of wars, mostly silenced by disinformation; In which the ecological crises of unsustainability that the Club of Rome explode Announced a half-century ago; Where millions of migrants, refugees and environmental displaced are pushed to defy frontiers of injustice and death; which are intended to justify wars and massacres in the dispute over increasingly scarce resources; Where the clash of “geopolitical plates” between dominant and emerging powers raises new and dangerous tensions; In which the greed of the richest bankruptcy, even in the developed countries, any expectation or reality of welfare society, raising waves of indignation that end up manipulating and generating alarming movements of rejection and xenophobia against Refugees and immigrants; A world in which the justification of violence, in the name of “security”, makes the risk of escalations of uncontrollable proportions grow.

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, from 1970, far from opening the way to nuclear disarmament, has consolidated the power of mass destruction, expanding even the global death club with nuclear arsenals in hands Israel, India , Pakistan…, in highly conflicting regions. All this explains that the Committee of Atomic Scientists situate the Global Risk index (Doomsday clock) as the greatest lived since the Cuban missile Crisis in 1962.

Today, the 2nd World March for Peace and nonviolence is more necessary than ever. Está previsto que salga de Madrid el 2 de octubre de 2019 para recorrer todos los continentes, hasta el 8 de marzo del 2020, promoviendo la educación en la noviolencia y federando los movimientos que en todo el mundo defienden y promueven la democracia, la justicia social y ambiental, la igualdad entre géneros, la solidaridad entre pueblos y la sostenibilidad de la vida en el planeta. Una Marcha que busca visibilizar y empoderar a esos movimientos, comunidades y organizaciones, en una convergencia global de esfuerzos en pro de los siguientes objetivos: